Week 4: February 3

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Topic: Moving from theory to practice

Read for Class:



Do for class:

  • LyScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.44.39 AMnda.com Tutorial on Content Strategy
    Lynda.com can be found on the home page of Canopy.  As a student, you have free access to thousands of software related tutorials. This is one all told is about 2 hours.
  • Do some thinking about all the readings we’ve done on content strategy. We’ve finished the two primary texts, some additional chapters and such, and then you’ve watched a tutorial. You’ve also done your first assignment where you’ve looked at content of an organization. Be prepared to present a summary of what you’ve learned and how close your understanding is to our original definitions.

In class:

  • Concept Presentation on information architecture: Ying
  • Debrief on the analysis of content assignment
  • Discussion of the readings
    • Pitches (read a debrief of our exercise and see your pitches!)
  • Content strategy versus content marketing
  • install of CMSs

Due: Analysis of Content 3 February 2016