FTP Info

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To explore your content management systems fully, you’re going to install 3 different versions on an area of my tek-ritr website. This is also giving you the opportunity to see some of the technical inner workings of a website.

You need to start by downloading an FTP (file transfer protocol) program that makes this process easy to do.  I recommend Filezilla (opens in new window) because it’s free, robust, and works on both Macs and Windows systems. There are other options so if for some reason this does not work out for you, please let me know.

Once you have the program installed and open, you’ll need some information:

  • host = ftp.tek-ritr.com
  • username = content@tek-ritr.com
  • port = 21
  • password = see email

Once you’re logged on

You’ll see your local machine, that is your computer, on the left, and the remote server, the inner workings of tek-ritr.com, on the right. The only file you’ll see on the right is “meloncon.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.03.40 PM

  • right click anywhere in the window
  • select create directory
  • type your last name in the field (what you’ve just done is create your very own folder for your CMS installs)

Let’s put a simple test file in there now so you can get a beginning sense of how it works.

  • double click on your named directory
  • navigate to your files on the left in the local site
  • pick some file from your machine
  • drag your file over into your folder

You can view your test file by following this link


You have just FTP’d a file to the web.