Analysis of Content

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Learning Outcomes
  • practice working with theoretical concepts
  • creating a channel map of existing content
  • analyzing content to determine its “job” across media

Overview of Assignment

You will analyze the content of an organization across different media channels to include the website, any related print materials available for download, and social media channels.

You will describe in detail what kinds of content the organization provides for customers, how that content is structured, and detailed examples of how the content be used. In addition, you will provide an analysis of whether you feel the content meets the goals and objectives of the organization.

Be certain that you include what job you think the content is doing (see Halvorson & Rach) and how the content works together across media (e.g., does their twitter feed mirror their website content? if so, in what ways). Please also produce a version of a channel map (see Halvorson & Rach, p. 77) and also a diagram that is similar to that found on p. 110.

You can approach choosing your company in a number of ways. It can be a company that you know of that may need some help in understanding how (or not) their content is presently working for the users across channels. It can be a well-known company that you have some sort of affinity for (or that you think has terrible content) such as Kroger. It can be a non-profit or smaller company that you know or, like their product or mission, or you think is cool, etc. If you choose a large company, you may want to limit your assignment to a particular segment or section (Just tell me this in your report).

If you hit a snag, let me know and I will help find you an organization.

You will be working in teams for this assignment as follows

Team 1: Kelly and Natalie

Team 2: Hannah and Daniel

Team 3: Emily and Courtney

Team 4: Tommy and Ying


You will create a visually appealing report that summarizes your findings. You will email me the report on the due date. (Save as file name: lastname_lastname_analysis_content)

Due Date

February 3, 2016