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content-strategyAll of the assignments are geared toward helping you understand content management and broader issues of designing information for audiences such as audience analysis, purpose, targeted writing, accessibility, and usability.

Each of the assignments will have listed learning outcomes.  If you have questions as to why we’re doing something, just ask.

Portfolios: For graduate students in the MA in PWRT, please remember that you will need to choose one of your assignments to include in your portfolio.

Your grade will be calculated as follows:

Assignment Due date Worth
in class participation and homework ongoing 10%
concept presentations see assignment page and schedule 10%
analysis of content  February 3, 2016  15%
analysis of content management systems  March 2, 2016  20%*
content template and style guide  March 30, 2016  15%*
 April 10, 2016  30%*

*These three assignments can be done in collaboration in teams of no more than three. However, I will need to approve the team before you move forward. You analysis of content assignment will be done in collaboration. See the assignment page for additional details.