Content Strategy

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Learning Outcomes
  • research and develop a content strategy for an organization
  • enhance audience analysis skills through persona creation
  • practice design skills with creating a template
  • enhance conceptual thinking by creating new information architecture
  • prepare well written and design information for non-specialized audiences
Assignment Overview

The basic research question your content strategy is trying to answer for the organization is: what kinds of content strategy improvements would help this organization reach their business goals?

With this in mind, your job is to find an organization (I can help you if you need one) and assess their current content management and strategy. If choose a new organization, then you will offer a strategy based on your research.

Some big questions to guide your approach:

  • who are the organization’s audiences? (primary and secondary. You will need to include at least 3 personas in your final deliverable.)
  • what are they presently doing as far as content? web, social media, print, etc.
  • how is the organization governed and where do writers/content strategists (or whomever is presently in charge of the content) fit into that organizational structure?
  • what is the current workflow for the generation and management of content? (this should be visualized in the final deliverable.)
  • what is their current content? (the audit)
  • what tools are they presently using to manage their content? (even if it’s nothing or a file naming system or simply folders on a hard drive)

I repeat. These are guiding questions and are in no way all encompassing.

You may work in teams (of up to three people) if you wish. Please let me know if you are doing this option and whom you would like to work with.


Your final deliverable will vary based on the organization that you choose. (The questions above should help you organization and format your final product.) Your final report should definitely include the following

  • a description of the organization, what they feel the website is for, and where the writer/content strategist fits (or whomever is in charge of content) fits into the organizational structure and a visualization of current workflow
  • channel map with explicit explanation of what the current content is doing and then when you are writing your recommendations to address the shortcoming of this map (refer back to Halvorson and Rach. You did this but not as in depth in your content analysis assignment.)
  • an audit (refer to the early readings in the term on the specifics of how to do this)
  • a mock-up template of a design and IA that you are proposing
  • a style guide (if applicable)
  • 3-5 personas to include cultural and accessible items in your demographics, additional information on the purpose, and the moving component (You can follow Brown and simply add new sections in particular for the addition of the purpose and the mobility.)

The organization of your final recommendation report is totally up to you. See this page on reports.

Due date

April 10, 2016 solid work drafts

April 20, 2016 final drafts (if revisions are necessary): this is our last day of class