Template & Style Guide

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Learning Outcomes
  • create a template for a CMS
  • develop a style guide
  • integrate concepts and theories about content management into the process
CANCELED. See the Content Strategy for additional information.
Assignment Overview

On websites, mobile apps, and desktop software, content is written, designed, and managed through the use of various templates. To create these templates, content managers worked with stakeholders to decide on the size of headings, the font choice for the text, the amount of content in each section, and the placement of images that they document in a various style guides. Part layout and design, part information architecture, and part branding, these templates are a major way in which the business goals are met.

You may work in teams (of up to three people) if you wish. Please let me know if you are doing this option and whom you would like to work with.

(Thanks, Liza for this great assignment!)

This is a useful article about creating style guides.


Your final deliverable will be a style guide and a template.You will also include a reflective memo in which you talk about your decisions using the language of content management.

N.B. The template deliverable will vary based on your own goals and objectives and your technological skill. It can run the gamut from a lo-fidelity prototype all the way to a functioning template in the CMS to a partially workable wireframe. You will need to discuss with me a couple of weeks prior what your plan is on the template.

Due date

March 30, 2016