Week 1: January 13

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Topic: Introductions to the course and definitions

You needed to come to class having read:

Topic: Definitions and introduction

Read for Class:

  • Intro from Erin Kissane’s text (see course policies for the text name and how to access it)
  • Reality section (Now, Problem, Solution) from Halvorson & Rach

Do for class:

Read the introduction to Kissane’s book and  The Reality Section (Now, Problem, Solution) in Halvorson and Rach. Write a short reaction in which you compare and contrast the material you’ve read from these two books and end this reaction with three questions that you have. Bring this to class with you. (and please don’t ask me how long it should be. You are in grad school. You don’t need to write a treatise, but it needs to be thoughtful and show engagement. My guess is that most of you will hit at least a page or so of single typed prose some of you will be a little longer and some may be a little shorter.)

In class:
  • group discussion about expectations of the course
    • setting assignment dates
  • discussion of readings
    • users
    • content
    • business objectives
  • small groups researching alternate definitions for content strategy and content management

Student generated definitions from our in-class exercises that will form a foundation for the class.