Concept Presentation

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Learning Outcomes
  • improve your research skills
  • improve your analysis skills
  • enhance your presentation skills
  • explain a key concept that is associated with content management
  • practice in writing reports
Overview of Assignment

It is impossible to cover all of the sub-topics in a course like this. Content management intersects with many other topics that are important to a budding content strategist. To help us get additional coverage in the time we have, the concept presentation is a way for you to help teach the class about an important concept connected to content management.

You will need to provide an extended definition of your concept and most importantly, you will need to connect your concept to content management. In other words, tell us what your concept is and then tell us why this concept is important to content management. When explaining why it’s important, it would probably be a good idea to refer to some of the readings and/or exercises we’ve done in class.

You need to thoroughly research your topic, and while you can definitely use online sources (such as wikipedia and trade groups), it is also a good idea to do some library work (more academic and scholarly researched) to flesh out your topic.

There is no specific length for your informational reports, but my guess would be that you would need 3-5 pages (single spaced with appropriate headings) to adequately cover your concept.

  • 3-5 minute presentation
  • copy of your slides
  • informational report on your concept

Presentation: You can create your presentation in any available tool (such as google presentation, powerpoint, prezi, pdf, etc.). Please practice your delivery.

Slides or visual aids: keep good design in mind for your slides. You will need to turn in a hard copy of your slides/visual aid on the day of your presentation and also send me an electronic version so that it can be linked for reference.

Informational report: This is a standard report format, and you can think of it as the written and extended version of your presentation. You will need to turn in an electronic copy on the day of your presentation.

Student Concepts and Due Dates
content management systems (*.docx) Emily  January 27, 2016
Information Architecture (*.docx)  Ying  February 3, 2016
Open source software(*.docx)  Daniel  February 10, 2016
SEO and social media(*.docx)  Tommy  February 17, 2016
Structured Authoring(*.pdf) Natalie  March 2, 2016
single souring (reusable content)  Kelly  March 2, 2016
Copyright & IP (*.docx) Courtney March 9, 2016
Translation Hannah March 16, 2016