Week 2: January 20

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snow day, class online

Topic: More on Content Management and Project Management

Read for Class:

Content Management Readings

Project Management readings (skim these)

Do for class:

  • Confirm that you can FTP following these instructions
  • Come to class with 3 questions related to project management
  • Be prepared to discuss the content readings, paying particular attention to how they intersect with what you read last week. For the McCarthy reading, be ready to ask specific questions and discuss it as it relates to the more industry focused readings we’ve read.

Here is we posted our thoughts on the reading for our snow day: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WmcShovxTkVe5XuYzAL2v9S7UD_jh3U6pNldiyLpK14/edit

Here are our thoughts on project management: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GI5Wq5ZKqKLLGbi9DXrYEZPKWyccNRBa8CvosSFeSYo/edit

In class:

  • Business writing 101 – particularly emails will do on 1/27
  • Overview of the Internet and the WWW will do on 1/27
  • Concept Presentation: Emily on content management systems will do on 1/27
  • Discussion of project management readings
    • Complete a work break down schedule and modified gantt
  • Discuss content management readings