Pitches and Marketing

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The pitch exercise was designed to help you start to formulate your thoughts about all the things we’ve read in a fun and productive way. By letting you write about it first, you had the chance to sort through some of your ideas of how all the stuff goes together and more importantly, how you can use this stuff for your own goals.

I’ve attached your written pitches below, but I do wanna say that while the close quarters of the elevator may have been a little weird it did put the idea of conciseness and hitting the major points into a stark material reality. As you noticed, there’s not a lot of time between floors.

But, the teacher me was quite pleased how you positioned your actual elevator pitches. The unique takes each of you offered were very much extensions of each of you and your unique characteristics, which is excellent. From the here’s why your stuff is bad and I can help you to the building of relationships to the I have experience with these very things, all point to the fact that you are doing the hard work of connecting the readings to things you know and to the potential of what you have to offer.


Ying Chen – Content Strategist


Warner_content management pitch





Content marketing

Now to ourĀ little exercise in front of the vending machines…what was great here was that you were trying to put your knowledge of content and con strategy into a different perspective. The developing a strategy that includes some “marketing” is important, especially when we remember our big idea of the course that the content strategy has to match the business strategy and keep an eye on the users/audience.

The Mountain Dew energy drink that Daniel so helpfully picked for us was a great example because of the demographic for whom it was targeted should have helped you see how the marketing intersects with the content for Mountain Dew, as well as potential pitfalls. I so appreciated those of you who wanted to challenge the idea (that Mountain Dew shouldn’t be in that market at all) and you did so in some smart ways with actual evidence and backing. If you’re going to disagree, that’s how you have to do it.