'It's like I told you, Grog, content is king.'

PWRT 7029 Content Management for Professional Writers

Regardless of where you find yourself working, odds are you’ll need to leverage your strong writing and communication skills into “managing content” for your organization. Content Management will help you understand different technologies and processes necessary to manage the wide variety and kinds of content found in today’s professional work environments. Professional writers and communication specialists are often asked to manage digital content (promotional to technical content that includes images, video, & sound) from creation to collection to publication and to understand how this content matches strategic business goals. This course will help you understand the processes and the technologies and give you practice writing and managing in client, project driven environments.

Students will be able to

  • Explain the theory and practice of managing content in a digital era: single sourcing, separating content from presentation formats, distributing editorial roles among members of a cross‐functional team
  • Define best practices of content management, synthesizing these with practices of information design
  • Create flexible, dynamic structures that deliver information to users when and where they need it
  • Assess the communication needs of an organization in order to recommend an effective and sustainable content management strategy


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