Week 10: October 28, 2020

Topic: Digital, multimodal, visual

  • Eyman, Douglas. (2015). Digital rhetoric: Theory, method, practice. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. (chapter 1-2 skim)
  • Ball, Arola, Shepperd Writer/designer chapter 2(*pdf ; compare the application emphasis here to Eyman)
  • Sturken, M, & Cartwright, L. (2009).Practices of looking: An introduction to visual culture. New York: Oxford University Press. 2nd edition (*pdf viewers_make_meaning)

Do for class:

  • The next couple of weeks all the readings will be chosen by y’all. So post your student chosen reading for Administration to the google doc by Friday October 30.

In class

  • discussion of the readings
    • what do you see as the importance of digital, visual for composition theory
    • why did you choose the readings that you chose
  • overview of the next few weeks
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