Week 8: October 14, 2020

Topic: Community

Read for class:

  • Shah, Rachael W. (2020). Rewriting partnerships: Community perspectives on community-based learning. Logan, UT: Utah State University. (read the intro and pick a chapter; available full text online through the library database)
  • Community literacy journal
    • An article from the last two years that uses “community” in the title and one from 2006-2010
  • Scott, J. Blake. (2004). Rearticulating Civic Engagement Through Cultural Studies and Service-Learning. Technical Communication Quarterly, 13(3), 289-306.

Do for class:

  • Find a reading in your area that directly engages (not just a citation drop or a single paragraph) with the (your) idea of what community means
  • Think through your own definition/stance what community means to “composition theory” and what role community plays as it interacts with some of the other topics we’ve covered (e.g., assesment, knowledge making, disciplinarity)

In class:

  • discussion of readings
    • your own view of what community means
  • PD: questions about grad school and processes; positionality; anything else on your mind


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