Design & Create

  • Design and create a project based on your interpretation of “composition theory”

What you need to do

Your illustrate and construct assignment should have helped you hone down a topic or approach for your final project. To achieve the synthesis work of designing and creating, you want to consider your own interpretation of composition theory as it relates to who you want to be as a scholar/teacher/person in the world.

You will do one of the following:

  • create a proposal for a project that extends the ideas in either the illustrate or construct assignment OR proposes a different project
  • write a seminar length paper (15-30 pages)
  • produce a practically applied project
  • design some creative interpretation (video, visualization, animation, poster, etc) that has a critical accompaniment
  • your own choice

In any case, the final project will need to show in a substantial way your understanding of some aspect of composition theory. It need to be well conceived, well written, appropriately sourced with evidence, and well argued.

You will also include a reflective memo as a separate document that explains how the final project takes “composition theory” and matches it to how you see yourself as a teacher/scholar. This is an informal type of document that will be separate from the project itself.

Due Date

working draft: sometime right before Thanksgiving

final draft with reflective memo: 12-6-2019


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