Week 1: August 26 2020

Topic: Definitions

Do for class:

So with that quote in mind, here is what you need to do for class on Wednesday.

1) Definitional

–use your best google or research skills

–do some searching about what the terms “composition” and “theory” mean

–settle on what you think these terms mean separately as each term relates to your academic career (so a definition of composition and one of theory)

–write your own extended definition (look this up if you don’t know what it means) of “composition theory” (here you are expected to craft a definition of the compound term as an entity)

2) Reflective

briefly describe your process of how you went about searching and deciding on your separate definitions of the terms

3) Critical

In less than 100 words, answer this question: “why do you think I had you do this definitional exercise?”

So when I say to do a task, I really mean you need to do them so that we have some material to work with in our discussions. But as Moten says the way we do things should be different. So I honestly do not care how long they are (and like #3 where I gave a limit of some sort there is a reason that we will likely discuss). I do not care if you write in bullets, on your computer, on the back of napkin, in morse code, in a language other than standard English, in visuals or flow charts. You are also grown people and you can choose not to write at all. But I sure as hell expect that you will be prepared to discuss these three tasks in a meaningful way in class cause otherwise you’re not “really getting together with people” are you?!

In class:

  • Discussions of definitions
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