This assignment will move you toward the following course outcome


  • Construct a counter history of your illustrate assignment


The goal of this assignment is to give you a broad understanding of


What you will do

Return to your illustrate assignment and find the counter story (ala Martinez).

That means you will actively seek out perspectives on your concept, term, theory, or theorist from a BIPOC, LBGTQIA+, socioeconomic class, and/or differently abled folx. What you’re doing here is finding where the common structures in place have silenced (intentionally and unintentionally) different stories around the concept, term, theory, or theorist that you chose.

You will follow something of the same procedure that you did in the illustrate assignment. Expect to be frustrated because it is likely it may be difficult to find counter stories, but part of when it becomes difficult will tell you a lot about the history and current state of composition theory. So take note of those frustrations.

What you are in effect doing may be educationally framed as a counter story, but you are taking the first step to completely re-writing and re-considering composition theory so that there shouldn’t be counter stories. Rather, we are moving toward a more just and inclusive view of what composition theory is.


  • Presentation:
    Create a lightning talk of your counter history. Your presentation needs to be thoughtfully designed and created and can be no longer than 4 minutes.
  • Handout:
    Make a handout that provides additional information for your classmates (and me) to include a summary of your counter story; what it is countering; why both stories matter (or not), and a short list of key works in a bibliography. Your handout needs to include basic principles of document design.

Please name these documents starting with your last name, e.g., meloncon_construct

Due Date

21 October 2020 by at least an hour or so before class so I can have a chance to look at some them.

Send as an email attachment to



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