Week 12: November 11, 2020

Topic: Who you are as a scholar teacher

Read for class: 

  • TBA: student selected readings (who you are as a scholar/teacher)
    • skim through all of them so you can see what other folx are thinking about and reading

Do for class:

  • you should be thinking and writing this week for your drafts/outlines of your synthesis projects. I would like to see something in regard to this.
  • create two Venn diagrams (with at least three overlapping circles and also include labels for all the overlaps. See this example.)
    • should show your relationship of the component parts of how you interpret composition and theory. Upload this one to the google drive.
    • should show your teacher/scholar component parts (email this one to me)

In class:

  • discussion of your chosen reading and why you picked it
  • discussion of your Venn diagrams (be prepared to share one of them with the class)
    • comparison/contrast of the component parts of composition theory
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