This assignment will move you toward the following course outcome

  • Explain the major ‘movements” within the field of composition studies

The goal of this assignment is to give you a broad understanding of the major movements of research and practice within composition studies. This understanding will provide you a foundational understanding of the discipline, and it will be the one we will be moving to unsettling and to reimagining as we move forward in the course.

We are going to approach this in a rather unorthodox approach with an emphasis on using your own viewpoint and more importantly, your deductive and indictive critical thinking skills.

We will be using three different approaches

You may want to pay particular attention to what has changed in the statement and in the textbooks from one edition to the next and if it one has not been updated to posit a theory as to what that may say about the field.


  • Timeline
    Your job is to look at this data and then compose your own timeline that explains the major movements in the field of composition. How you interpret “timeline” is totally up to you for what it looks like when you turn it in.
  • Justification
    Write a short informal document that explains how you approached creating your timeline and something of a justification for your positionality and final result.

Due date

9 September 2020 by at least an hour or so before class so I can have a chance to look at some them

Send as an email attachment (yes, I am old) to meloncon@usf.edu

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