Drafts A-C Gap Part 1

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The goal of the critiques is to provide constructive criticism on the drafts so the drafts AND the comments can be used to help the next teams to make improvements to these specific documents and/or to guide them as they create their own.

Be constructive based on everything we’ve talked about, done, and read.


You will post your critiques for the infographic in the link below. You will be inserting your info graphic into the document. I will be uploading the visually enhanced documents below.

Link to the InfoGraphic Critique Document in Google Docs:


You should be able to open the link in a new tab to download the fill size version.


Emily, Hannah, Mallory, and Dan :

Lois, Peter, Cody, and Ben


Dakota, Jenny, and Sarah

Carolyn, Emma, Olivia, and Chris

Visually Enhanced Report

The documents will appear below the team’s names once I have them uploaded.

Link to the Visually Enhanced Report Critique Document in Google Docs



Emily, Hannah, Mallory, and Dan : STI_HMDE

Lois, Peter, Cody, and Ben: STIs_BCLP


Dakota, Jenny, and Sarah: HBP_JSD_visually_enhanced-1

Carolyn, Emma, Olivia, and Chris: hpb_OCEC