Week1: January 10

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Topic: Definitions and introduction to information design

Read for Class:

From Safari Books online (the link takes you to a page that explains how to access this database)

  • Nathan Yau, Data Points: Visualization That Means Something: Chapter 1, 2, and 6 (read carefully)
  • Alberto Cairo, The Truthful Art: Chapter 1-2 (pay particular attention to chapter 2 and his 5 qualities)
  • Aaron Walter, Designing for Emotion: Chapter 1 and 3 (skim)

Do for class:

  • skim through the course website
  • bring to class a big fat paragraph where you discuss how the three readings go together (or not)

In class:

  • group discussion about expectations of the course
    • setting assignment dates
  • discuss the readings
    • data gathering and prototyping
    • putting the readings into action
  • small groups researching alternate definitions for data, data visualizations, document design, and information design
    • mini-presentations on findings from exercise