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You will have the opportunity to work alone and in groups.

Your grade will be calculated as follows**

Assignment name weight Due Date
software proficiency 15% see schedule
micro-: report & infographic 30%  2-21, 2-28
macro: enhanced & infographic 40% 3-28 with finals 4-11
critical essay 15%  4-25 by 5:00 pm

Graduate students will be expected to lead discussion and will be held to a higher standard in assessment.


While it takes a little getting used to, I do not grade in the traditional sense. Instead, the focus of our exercises and assignments are building a knowledge and competency in concepts and skills. This sort of learning is iterative and does not necessarily occur just because I mark up an assignment and give you a grade. The learning happens by my reading and analyzing what you’re doing and then adjusting the course to help you meet the course goals and outcomes. In other words, many of the exercises and class discussions build on previous ideas and concepts to try and ensure that you’re picking up the big ideas for the course.

If at some point you have a concern about where “you’re at” in the course, just ask.

**Information is subject to change based on how the course is progressing.  No changes will be made without adequate discussions as a class.