Critical Essay

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Learning objectives

  • Discuss your work in critically informed ways drawing on the vocabulary of web design principles
  • Demonstrate connections between the readings, the project, and your role as a professional writer

To give you the opportunity to reflect and make connections about the wide-ranging amount of “stuff” we’re covered, you will write an essay exam in which you summarize, analyze and synthesize the major themes of the course and make connections between the course material, your other courses, and your own work.

While these are specific questions I’d like you to answer, they should not be limiting. By that I mean, please expand the questions, add to them, disregard them with a good explanation, etc. I want you to show me what you’ve learned and some of the connections you’re making (or not) between this course and your work in the PW program (or in your own program) .Be certain that with each claim that you make that you are providing evidence and support from the readings or your own work.



Due Date: 5:00 pm exam day