A-C Gap Part 2

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Learning Outcomes

  • Practice audience analysis (though research)
  • Select appropriate way to display data based on situation and purpose
  • Incorporate basic document design principles into professional writing documents
  • Write in both information and persuasive ways
  • Plan and conduct a multi-part¬†writing and design project
  • Conduct basic usability tests

Part 1 helped to prepare us for Part 2. Working alone or in small groups (but not the same group you worked in previously) you will be developing the same type of documents as you did in Part 1.

Fortunately, you have information to get you started.¬† In other words, you’ll switch data sets for this assignment, and you’ll have access to the other teams background and research and you’ll also have a chance to talk with them at length to ask questions.

The biggest difference this time is that you will be doing an iterative design process that takes into account results from user tests with actual real users.

Caveats for how you’ll work together (or alone)

  • You cannot work alone if you did so previously.
  • You cannot work with the same person or persons that worked with on Part 1.


  • visually enhanced document and an infographic that tell the same data narrative. your documents need to include the following
    • 2 different types of data visualizations displaying two different data points
    • textual information that places all data in context and clearly states a takeaway for the user
    • include original drafts and the final versions revised from user tests
  • usability protocol and plan
  • user test report of your findings and what you changed (or didn’t)

Due date: 4-11 (or by 4-15)