Software Proficiency

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Learning outcomes

  • gain proficiency in using software applications to accomplish tasks related to information design

By working through tutorials online, in-class exercises, and crowd sourcing help, tips, and tricks, you will gain a basic proficiency in several tools

  • excel
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • indesign

The schedule will list a series of (which is a service available to you free through the library databases) tutorials for you to go through and then we will have an opportunity in class to work on some basic uses of the tools. For example, a handy trick that photoshop is often used for is to make the background of images “transparent.”

In no way are the software proficiency exercises asking you to become experts in the tool (though some of you may pick it up quicker and then move on to more advanced things). Instead, we want to be able to use the tool to help create documents and visuals that are useful to our audiences. To do this, you’ll learn how to learn a new software and build your technological literacy.

Software proficiency “tests” will be done in class.