Week 4: January 31

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Topic: More on Infographics

Read for Class:

From the web (all links will open in a new window). These are all short articles from popular press sites. You can skim them to get the main points.

Do for class:

  • continue practicing and working in Photoshop to prepare for your proficiency test. As a reminder, you can accomplish the tasks in any way you see fit because there is no right way to do certain things. Using tools is all about finding solutions to your problems or your tasks. The purpose of the proficiency tests is to give you some tools that you can use solve your problems.

In class:

  • Photoshop proficiency tests
    • Save this image of Cid to your desktop 
    • Complete the following tasks on different layers (as a way to show your work)
      • add a layer and name the layer Cid
      • remove Cid and add him to your “Cid layer” with a transparent background
      • add some type of mask feature
      • add text
      • remove the house in the background
      • export your Cid layer with transparency
      • export any layer as a jpeg at 300 dpi
  • Design card game to advance understanding of types of visualizations and purposes
  • Tools discussion
  • Go over assignments