Week 2: January 17

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January 17, 2017

Topic: Design theory

Read for Class:

From Safari Books online (the link takes you to a page that explains how to access this database)

  • Robin Williams, The Non-Designers Design Book : CRAP, which is the acronym that summarizes the main points of design,  (skim this entire book to get the general idea.  It has lots of pictures and examples so it shouldn’t be onerous.)
  • Jeff Johnson, Designing with the mind in mind, Chapter 1-3

Files as *.pdfs (all open in a new window)

  • Stephanie Harrison,  Semiotics
  • Project management: hackos_ch_14 and hackos_ch_15 (skim but close enough to generate some questions. Some of you grad students have probably already read them. But refresh your memory and do another skim, ok?!)


Do for class:

  • Come to class with 3 questions/comments related to project management. These need be things you’d like more info on or how it may apply to this course or how these things may play out in the workplace or something else
  • Bring to class a single page of something that you find that has both text and some sort of graphic.

In class:

  • mini lecture on design theory
    • walk through history for cultural connections
    • exercise using your brought items
  • Discussion of project management readings
    • Complete a work break down schedule and modified gantt
  • Introduction to assignments