Write Professionally

Welcome to Write Professionally!

This website is designed to help faculty, administrators, and/or researchers in the field of Technical and Professional Communication (TPC).

We’ve started a Community of Practice (COP), designed to host a variety of sample assignments and resources for instructors. Offering more than just models or templates, the COP is designed to help instructors think more critically about their pedagogy overall by considering the role of program outcomes, course objectives, and goals for student learning as they intersect with the creation of assignments. The CoP is specific to the “service course”in TPC, which is a course that is designed for a number of majors to move students to being able to write more effectively in their careers and in their civic lives.

We have also created an area that will faculty and administrators have a starting place for understanding how to make their courses and materials more accessible.

Other content available on Write Professionally might be better suited for administrators and researchers interested in data collected surrounding TPC and higher education. From simple tool alternative resources to information from the bureau of labor statistics to innovative strategies for providing student feedback, Write Professionally attempts to offer a wide swath of information for multiple audiences interested in TPC.

Some of the sites nested within Write Professionally have been used for specific undergraduate and graduate courses. You may find the 2017 course on information design or perhaps the newly updated course on Content Management helpful in designing your own classes. There’s even a site I used to teach graduate students how to think about teaching TPC that you might find useful as a model.

Please contact me with anything you think would benefit our community of teachers, scholars, practitioners,  and administrators.





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