Seminar Credit


For those of you who are doing a doctoral seminar credit attached to this course, you were given two tasks. One was a comparison and contrast of journals and method/ologies that is specific to your own research interests.

The other task is one where you will find a method mentioned in one of the articles you reviewed (for this assignment or from your other reading or interests). We will be covering textual/rhetorical (historical); interviews/focus groups, surveys, observational studies (ethnography, user experience, parts of field studies); experiments/quasi-experiments in class so you have to pick something else.

Some potential options

  • case study
  • secondary analysis
  • Delphi
  • critical discourse analysis
  • community related method/ologies
  • performance
  • phenomenology (IPA)
  • grounded theory as a methodology
  • queer methodology
  • feminist methodology
  • cross-cultural
  • any analytic method related to quantitative data

This list is not comprehensive, but I put it here to give you a starting place to think about what you may want to cover.


Your task is to do a summary of the method and its uses for scholars and include an exemplar study that uses it. What you produce will be a handout for the students in class that includes the following headings:

  • explanation/summary of the method
  • the types of questions it can answer
  • an example study that uses it
  • additional resources about the method

You will give a short presentation (<5minutes) to the class.

Upload your presentation to our shared google folder (Method Handouts).


March 23, 2023