Research Study Design

Learning outcome

  • Create a research study design of an intended research project (synthesis learning category)

This assignment will move you closer to some finished something related to some project in which research is required (e.g., a part of your dissertation, your dissertation prospectus, a potential journal length article, a project at work, a solution to an administrative or programmatic problem, etc.). In addition to synthesizing many of things we have discussed this term, you will also be practicing your writing so keep an attention on the words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Your task

here you will focus on constructing a research study design proposal or a specific part of a project. Three of your assignments will port directly into this project (most likely). What this means is that you may do anything from a proposal to a rough draft to a something close to a final draft of some project in progress or some project that you would like to accomplish.

All your create assignments will likely look different so go into it thinking this is a substantial work that includes some good, deep intellectual thinking and some attention to the words and organization.

No matter what the form takes, your create assignment should

  • some sort of introduction
  • provide a research question that will direct the project
  • include a literature review that engages with current conversations related to your topic/idea/question
  • describe your methodological orientation (including a theoretical framework if applicable)
  • indicate what method(s) you will be using and the justification for those methods

You may be saying, “I already did all of this.” And I would respond, you likely did drafts of all of these things, but when you go to put them together and the evolution of your own thinking through the term, likely means, you’re gonna need to do some revisions and drafting to make this a cohesive sort of document. Thus, I am asking you do effective writing practices and work with and substantially revise your own work.

For those playing along at home, why, yes, if you even half-ass get through this assignment you will have written most of a draft of your prospectus. You second year students should really take this process to heart.

Due Date

April 20, 2023