Research questions

Learning outcome

  • Differentiate different types of research questions and corresponding methods (analysis learning category)

In this assignment, your job is to start to muddle through crafting good researchable research questions and to start thinking through the direct connections between research questions and the methods or methodological frameworks that can generate data that answers those questions.

Your task

Based on our readings and class discussion, your job is to create a series of researchable research questions from our classroom example.

You want to create a list of three research questions along with corresponding methodologies and methods.

  • one must be an applied question
  • one must be a theoretical question
  • one question must be answered via mixed method/ologies

You will also write a brief justification (a paragraph no more) of why you believe your question is best answered with the method/ologies you chose.

Email your assignment to me.  Name your file starting with your last name. (e.g., meloncon-explain.docx)

Due Date