Learning outcome

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the key concept of method/ology as it relates to research in progress

In this assignment, your job is to demonstrate your understanding of many of the key terms we have discussed and have engaged with throughout the term.

Your task

The differentiate and illustrate assignments focused on two specific parts of the research study design: the research question itself and the literature review.

This assignment continues to build toward workable pieces for your final create project by asking you to directly consider your methodological approach and the method(s) that will potentially answer your question.

Returning to your question, which will appear at the top of this assignment, you want to work through your methodology and your methods. This will be your theoretical and disciplinary approach for your research project, which will then segway directly into the methods you will use and your justification for those methods.

Since we’ve been using a programmatic example all term, you can reference this forthcoming research on the information design assignment in the professional and technical communication service course program. You want to review the methodological approach and gather and read sections  as one example approach of what you’re trying to draft.

Keep in mind you’re in the beginning thinking stages. You folks in the second year should be able to do a more in depth job with this assignment than likely those in the first year. The thing to hold onto, though, is that this is a first draft of something else. 🙂

Due Date

March 30, 2023 (send as an email attachment)