Usability Exercise: Instructions


Usability Exercise: Instructions

Find a set of instructions on the internet. Develop at least five questions that you would ask if you were the writer of your example and wanted to determine its usability. Then write a short response about whether you think the example is usable or not and why you think so.

Next, consider this set of instructions for folding paper:

  1. Fold the page in half
  2. Fold the top right corner down to the bottom
  3. Turn the page over
  4. Fold the left side to the middle
  5. Make a diagonal fold through the center
  6. Rotate the page 90 degrees
  7. Fold the top flap back
  8. Flip the paper
  9. Bring the corners together

Can you use these instructions? Further, when you use these instructions, what end product do you wind up with? Is there a way to know you “did it right?” Are these instructions reworkable based on the final product you came up with? Rewrite these instructions so that they are more usable and so that a user would arrive at the same shape that you did.

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