Technical and professional communication (TPC) has long taught the “service course,” which is an ” introductory courses for nonmajors delivered primarily as a service to other departments and programs on campus. These service courses are designed to better prepare students for the writing they will do on the job, and they are consistently a nonmajor’s only classroom interaction with TPC prior to graduation” (Meloncon & England, 2011, p. 398).

The aim of this site is to be a community of practice for instructors in TPC. It’s primary audience are those new to teaching TPC, particularly those that may not have a dedicated background from academic training or from professional experience in TPC. The information here is based on the knowledge and experiences of a number of experienced instructors and practitioners (see credit page for more information), and just as importantly, it is based on research of existing practices within the field.

Secondary audiences are TPC program administrators who may be looking for new ideas or to calibrate/norm their program with what is going on at the field-wide level.

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