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Memo Exercises

Memo Exercises

  1. Find at least three examples memos and analyze/compare them based on the following criteria:
    • Identify the purpose and audience for each memo. How do the
      purpose and audience inform decisions about:

      • Content (What information is included?)
      • Organization and design (How does the organization accomplish the memo’s purpose?)
      • Style (How is the language tailored to the target audience? How is the text crafted to accomplish the memo’s purpose for the target audience?)
  2. You may remember this scenario from the “Email” exercise:

You are the sales manager at Mystery Bags, Inc., overseeing a sales department of 50 employees. Sales have decreased 25% total over two consecutive quarters at your business. Gross sales are down from $50,000 to $37,000 per quarter. The chief financial officer, Mitchell McBaggins, has instructed you to inform your sales team that their base pay and commissions will be reduced by 15% effective at the start of the next quarter.

In the “Email” chapter, you were asked to write an email conveying this information. For this exercise, write a memo based on this scenario.

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