Recommendation Report Design Analysis Exercise


Recommendation Report Design Analysis Exercise

The goal of this activity is to focus on the relationship between purpose, audience, and document design. The activity supplies four exemplar recommendation reports that each team chooses from. Each team needs a different report. The reports have good and bad points, and there’s a lot to critique. Closely analyze specific design elements in the report with an eye toward purpose and audience. Create and present to the class a slide deck (Google Slides or PowerPoint) explaining your collaborative analysis.

The Activity

In teams, choose a report:

In teams, look at your report. Analyze the document design and create a Slide Deck to present your results as a group to the class. Your slides should provide examples of the following:

  1. Title Page
  2. Use of headers/footers (e.g., page numbers)
  3. Use of headings
  4. Use and integration of visuals
  5. Organization of sections (i.e., analysis of the table of contents)
  6. Use of research (especially in the problem and recommendation/solution sections)

For each topic above, you can embed screen captures or use copy/paste to create your slides. Your analysis should include what you perceive works for the purpose of the report and for its intended audience. Remember to include why these elements/approaches do or don’t work.

To do screen captures:

  • Mac: Shift+Command+4
  • PCs: Use the Snipping Too

Recommendation Report Design Analysis Exercise PDF

Recommendation Report Design Analysis Exercise Docx