Document Design Exercise


Document Design Exercise

Find at least two examples (good and bad) of the following document design categories, and discuss the reasons why one is more effective than the other. You can look for sample documents published on the web, or at the websites themselves (they are PTC projects, too). You may not find all of the design elements listed for each category but try to find as many as you can. And as you think about the reasons for your opinions (good/bad) of the designs you find, keep in mind audience and purpose.

Shaping the Page

  • Margins
  • White Space (or lack thereof)
  • and/or Grids

Styling Words

  • Fonts,
  • Font sizes
  • Font emphasis
  • and/or Capitalization

Accessing Information

  • Headings
  • and/or Lists

Other Features

  • Visuals,
  • Text Boxes,
  • Borders/Lines,
  • and/or Headers/Footers