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Choosing Collaboration Tools

Choosing Collaboration Tools

A number of tools have been created to facilitate virtual collaboration. One of your first jobs as a team is to pick which tool(s) you want to use to facilitate your collaborative work. To help you decide, you will read the articles listed below. Based on what you read, pick a tool and review it. Comment on the following:

  • How easy to use is the tool?
  • What functions will be most useful in a collaborative writing project?
  • What are the strengths of the tool?
  • What are the weaknesses of the tool?
  • Is there anything the tool can’t do that you will need to find elsewhere to complete the project?

To find a tool, read the following:

Once you have composed your review, present the tool you have examined to your teammates. As a group, discuss the pros and cons of each tool and decide which tool(s) are best for your team.

Keep in mind that the group will also need a tool for messaging. Some groups may be satisfied with email, but some other options are Whatsapp, Groupme, and Slack, to name a few.

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