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Instructions and Accessibility Exercise

Instructions and Accessibility Exercise

This activity asks you to think about technical documentation for a wide variety of audiences. Use this activity to help differentiate between usability concerns (e.g., Can users successfully follow the instruction set to accomplish the task?) and accessibility concerns (e.g., Are any users excluded from following the instruction set?). Focus on elements of information/visual design and the applied aspects of information design. You will need at least 30 minutes to complete this activity and some amount of traveling is involved.

In teams, you will:

  • Create an instruction set to help guide a user from the classroom to a walkable location on campus using the most direct route.
  • Craft the instructions carefully to ensure that they are usable by a variety of audiences with different abilities.

After your team completes the instruction set, exchange them with another group. Your team will then attempt to use the directions to travel from the classroom to the designated location.

Report back on:

  • Difficulties in using the instructions
    • Were they usable?
    • Were they accessible for all members of the team?
    • Were they ethical?
  • Effective elements of the instructions

In-Class Activity Instructions and Accessibility PDF

In-Class Activity Instructions and Accessibility Docx

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