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LIT 6934: Rhetorical Knowledge in Action

In this course, students will work through how to put rhetorical knowledge into some sort of action.  This will be done by examining scholarship and focusing on how to build stronger scholarly arguments; by differentiating between types of knowledge; and/or by working through how to do things, to act with and through knowledge. We will be using an extended example throughout the term of higher education and writing program administration to consider different ways knowledge comes into action in the course of academic jobs. (This is also highly relatable to other types of organizations, which we will discuss in class.)

Specifically designed as a student-centered course where students will use the readings and theory work of the classroom and apply that work to their own specific project and interests.

Learning Outcomes:

  • explain the structure of academic arguments in published scholarship (comprehend)
  • practice writing academic arguments (apply)
  • differentiate between types and kinds of research and knowledge (analysis)
  • design a research project that puts research into action in some defined way (synthesis)

Degree requirements fulfilled.

  • Professional and Technical Writing Certificate elective
  • MA Lit Elective
  • MA R/C Elective
  • PhD R/C Elective
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