Supplemental Exercises and Activities for the Research Summary Project The following exercises will help students develop the discrete skills needed to write about applied research. It is advised that students complete these exercises in the order listed below.

Analysis of Research-Based Report

Creating Research Questions

The Lionfish problem (practice writing with research)

Impacted Populations

Another way to have students work more with applied research is by asking them to look at sample reports. The following exercises consider research as it is embedded in reports.

Research Report Exercises

Sometimes students need to practice conducting primary research, but it’s not necessarily feasible. This exercise helps students better understand different ways of conducting primary research online.

Conducting Primary Research Online

Using the Tweet Map to Conduct Online Research

Voyant Tools to Analyze Text

In addition to the above activities, if you’re not teaching some version of the Resume or Cover Letter Project, you might be able to adopt any of the job market research activities to fit this project in a way that’s beneficial to your students.

What is Friction Stir Welding?

Jargon Exercise

Jargon Exercise (Answer Key)


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