Week 4: February 2, 2023


Topic: Study design: formulating research questions

Practice: reflective memoing and other forms of note taking

Do for class:

  • Post an article in our shared google document that you are drawn to as a scholar/teacher along with the author(s) research question and a short summary of how well you think they answered their question and why. Be prepared to provide support for your summary of well the article worked. (In other words, you need to read this piece carefully so we have some things to talk about.)
  • Write down a question or a series of questions related to your in-progress idea for your research project for this class (or another class). After you have the questions written think through–even if you can’t find the words for it fully–what questions or concerns you have about your questions and ways to revise them to make them researchable. Be prepared to discuss your general idea so that we can work through how to move from big question to 

In class: