Week 11: March 23, 2023


Methods: methods presentations (seminar credit students)
Practice: writing method/ology sections
Study design: sampling

Read for Class:

  • the program book: Chapter 2(this is the methodology, methods, and practices chapter from my in progress book)
  • Jamieson, S. (2018). The evolution of the citation project: developing a pilot study from local to translocal. In T. Serviss & S. Jamieson (Eds.), Points of departure: Rethinking student source use and writing studies research methods. Utah State University Press.¬†Chapter 1
  • return to our classroom example and the methodology section of the forthcoming article linked on that page
  • read the entries on sampling (in general and a couple of the sampling techniques) from the Sage Encyclopedia for Quatlititve Research Methods (access through the library
Do for class:
  • Bring questions related to writing up research for academic audiences, particularly as it relates to your own projects. For example, what problems are you having?
  • Bring to class several questions you have about and sampling.
  • Consider the two readings in relation to our discussion and distinctions between methodologies, methods, and practices
In class