Week 1: January 12, 2023



Study design: what is research and defining terms

Read for Class:

Do for class:

  • Answer the following questions and send me replies by Wednesday, January 11 at 5:00pm (so I have time to consider them before class on Thursday):
    • How would you define research? Research methodology? Research methods? research practice?
    • In a short paragraph, tell me what research you have done as a student or on the job?
    • What is it that you want to learn about research? Any particular method, theoretical frame, or something different?
    Your answers need to have some thought and consideration but the writing need not be formal or overly involved, and I would prefer if you just did it off the cuff, out of your own knowledge of this moment. I’m trying to get a better sense of you as student and your goals and to gain an understanding of what you may already know. Your answers can be contained in the body of an email or as an attachment.

In class:

  • What is research and the research enterprise
  • Definitions of parts of research
    • research study design; methodology, methods, practices
  • how we’re going to go about doing things in this course