Week9: October 18

Topic: More on WordPress- Themes, Navigation, Plug-Ins, Widgets

Read for Class:

  • From Safari Books Online (link is if you need instructions on how to access)
    • Jesse Friedman, Web Designer’s GUide to WordPress, Ch. 7-9
    • Karol Krol, WordPress 4 complete, Ch. 5
    • Tris Hussey, WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide, Ch. 4

Do for class:

  • based on the Lichaw reading and the client visit, write a user’s journey and create corresponding personas (4) for the Web Redesign Project.
  • revisit the themes you liked and that we discussed. Each team need to come to class with an agreed upon theme based on the client meeting.
  • write short summary of your time at Cincy WordCamp. Your smart ideas need to include at least one connection between WordCamp and this course. Email me these summaries and be prepared to share them in class.
  • review the Aubrey Rose site and write a brief (can be a bulleted list) of what you feel are its weaknesses (be certain to review the ppt on the project management page)

In class:

  • Debrief assignment 1
  • Debrief WordCamp
  • Discussion of readings
    • consider readings in relation to theme you chose
  • Share journey maps, personas, and themes with client representative
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