Week8: October 11

Topic: WordPress Basics

Read for Class:

  • From Safari Books Online (link is if you need instructions on how to access)
    • Lichaw, User’s Journey,  Ch.3 and 7
    • Karol Krol, WordPress 4 complete, Ch. 1 and Ch. 6 (you can most likely skim this and the Hussey readings, particularly if you’ve used wordpress before. But you do need to skim them.)
    • Tris Hussey, WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide, Ch. 2, Ch. 5, and Ch. 6
  • From the web (opens in new window). You can skim these.

Do for class:

  • Browse around on the web and bring to class an article that you found was helpful in advancing your knowledge about the design aspects of web design. Be prepared to talk about this article in class.
  • Browse around the web for wordpress themes. Look at some of them and their features. You can look at free and Premium ($) themes. Be prepared to discuss one that you like and why you like it (beyond the look of it).

In class:

  • client visit for Web Redesign project.
  • discussion of structure of website and linking
  • status of project 1 and what’s left to be done
  • discussion of readings
    • how do journey maps relate to personas? (pairs, present with visual aid)
    • what differences do you see from the wordpress readings compared to building a site from scratch? how does your explorations of themes fit into this? that is, what did you look for in a theme?
  • work time

Due: Project 1

Attend the CincyWord Camp on October 15 or 16. 

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