Week4: September 13

Topic: CSS, Wireframing/Prototyping, Client Meeting

Read for Class:

  • From Safari Books Online (link is if you need instructions on how to access.)
    • Krug, Stephen Don’t Make Me Think, 2nd edition, Ch. 2-4, 7
    • Pouncey and York Beginning CSS  Ch. 1-3 and 5-7
    • Pick one of these books and read in : in between a skim and close reading
      • Druckett, John, HTML and CSS Ch. 10-12, 15
      • Neiderst Robbins, Jennifer Learning Web Design Ch. 11-12, 16
  • Murach Ch. 4
  • From the internet on wireframes and prototypes: skim one (super easy reads)
    • https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/7-reasons-to-wireframe/
    • http://sixrevisions.com/user-interface/wireframing-benefits/
    • https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/10/the-skeptics-guide-to-low-fidelity-prototyping/
  • Difference between a <div> and <section> and the difference boils down to the fact that <section> is semantic and <div> is not
    • http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/html-5-semantics/ (describes pretty well about semantics, which should help with understanding the difference.
    • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6939864/what-is-the-difference-between-section-and-div (the first answer here is good

Do for class:

  • Let me know how you will be doing your Web New Project, that is, will you be doing it solo or as a small team
  • Bring to class the beginnings of 4 personas for the Web New Project. They do not have to be completed, but they need to be started so that you can ask additional questions of the client
  • Bring to class three questions you have about the readings this week and/or about how the readings this week go together
  • play with some of the coding tools and explore some of the wire framing tools on the resources page
  • Find your preferred way to be introduced to Dreamweaver. You can find a tutorial on Lynda.com; you can read the Dreamweaver CS5 the missing Manual by McFarland (from Safari Books Online); or simply play around with it yourself. The key to understand the basic interface. That’s it.

In class:

  • CSS mini lecture
    • CSS exercise
  • wireframing and prototyping discussion
    • wire framing and prototyping exercise
  • discussion/debrief of your portfolio assignment
    • focusing on the information architecture and problems or questions
  • client visit for your web new project 8:00pm
    • we’ll work together from around 7:45ish to formulate questions to ask Meredith
    • work on personas

DUE: First part of your portfolio assignment (you can turn this is anytime this week up until the start of the next class period.)

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