Week3: September 6

Topic: Personas, Intro to HTML

Read for Class:

  • Pick one of these books and read in Safari Books Online (link is if you need instructions on how to access.): in between a skim and close reading
    • Druckett, John, HTML and CSS  Ch. 1-5
    • Neiderst Robbins, Jennifer Learning Web Design Ch. 4-7
  • Murach Ch. 3
  • Personas (an audience analysis tool)
    • Brown (sorry about the quality of it)
    • Meloncon (skim the first part and read the middle on Embodiment, Mobility and Reclamation) and worksheet

Do for class:

  • Bring to class written down in some way that you can turn in to me three questions you had about the readings.
  • follow the FTP instructions on the project management page. see if you can successfully create a folder and upload an image (any old image will be fine).
  • think through your project management and consider what day is best for the first project’s due date (as well as when you personally may want to turn in your portfolio assignment)
  • think through and be prepared to tell me whether you will do the new project by yourself or with others

In class:

  • Discussion about questions and the readings
  • FTP disaster and what it can tell us about web design
  • Look at W3C guidelines
  • Go over HTML Elements
  • Do HTML exercise
    • no computers needed
    • computers needed
  • introduction to the Web Design New Project
  • Discuss personas
    • create personas
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