Week2: August 30

Topic:  Portfolios, Information Architecture, Design

Week 2: August 30, 2016

Topic:  Portfolios, Information Architecture, Start of Design

Read For Class:

Do for class:

  • Visit google sites, weebly.com, wix.com, and wordpress.com. Pick one that you would like to use for your required PW program portfolio. Be prepared to talk about the experience of looking through these.
  • lynda.com_You have access to Lynda. com as a student through the library database. You need to view User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design with Chris Nodder, sections 3-4 (navigation and site layout)

In class:

  • how all the parts go together
    • diagram of the different parts of web design (UX, IA, Design, Content)
  • discussion audience analysis
    • discussion of portfolios sites (from audience and tool and web design perspective)
  • project management and setting deadlines
    • eliminated part of portfolio assignment & keeping the two projects
    • groups and the effectiveness of them


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