Global Society of Online Literacy Educators

This is the organization that will house and promote this information. As a new organization, it is need of a wide variety of resources. And since Lisa is a founding member, it was the perfect opportunity to take the need for accessibility information and make it more readily available.

You will have a client to help answer your questions. Dr. Meredith Singleton is the audience for this project. She is an instructor who teaches technical and professional communication courses online, and even though she has done research in this area in her one-time job as an instructional designer, she still has problems with information a kind of information overload.

Great quote someone just reminded me of: “We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.” Stevie Wonder, 2016 GRAMMY Awards


Here are some sources that will help you concisely define what accessibility is. This is different from the persuasive case.

Here are some pages that can you get started in formulating the rationale for the new site (the persuasive case from teh assignment page):

Resources to Annotate (maybe)

Part of your job is to take these resources, and to find some of your own, and then make the hard decisions about which ones should be included and then to annotate them explain why you did include them.

    • Dos and Donts on designing for accessibility
    • WebAim: has lots of resources but your job is to recommend the best ones
    • Quality Matters (Concern yourself only with the accessibility section. this one is tricky because these materials are restricted for use only by institutions who have paid dues. Since UC has paid dues, I feel comfortable sharing them with you, but it’s your job to determine how to talk about them without talking about them.)
    • UMN Accessible U: has lots of resources but your job is to recommend the best ones
 Accessibility Tools
Considerations for shifting materials online
  • see quality matters above
  • a book chapter that explains some of the reasons and rationales for how to do this
  • another book chapter:
  • and another book chapter:
Info from Meredith
  • a 10 tips she created
  • a presentation about about tech comm instructors needing to be at the accessibility table at institutions because of our specialty training in usability and design
More information on accessibility

Language Considerations

A statement on online course content and accessibility

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