Aubrey Rose

Our redesign project is for local non-profit the Aubrey Rose Foundation.

Unlike the previous project, we’re going to be doing this one in a content management system–wordpress–so that the client can easily keep the site updated.

Your client for this project is Nancy Hollenkamp, who will be visiting with us on 10-11. Your primary contact for this project is Lisa Massa <>, who will be visiting with us on 10-11, 10-18, and 11-29 (and if you have lots of questions at another point).

Refer to the assignment page for specific information about learning outcomes that you will see as we progress align with the major tasks of a redesign project.

Teams for this project:

Alyssa, Emily, and Hannah B

Peter, Kaitlyn, and Dakota

Ben, Carolyn, Lois, and Hannah M.

These are random assignments based on getting you to work with folks you have not worked with. However, if there is a specific reason these teams will not work for you, please get in touch me immediately. Again, you will have time to work in class, and this project should be easier to manage from separate locations because of the ability to

Background information (from client)

aubrey_rose_story (super big 17MB+ ppt that gives a good overview of the Aubrey Rose story)

aubrey_rose_brochure (brochure version of the Aubrey Rose story)

aubrey_rose_web_considerations (PPT that provides a series of questions and considerations about what is needed in the web redesign)

aubrey-rose-research-websites (document that contains all sorts of links that may provide background on other non-profits and their websites and information on children who are ill)

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